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Austin Montini and Anouk Schembri



The YCC often struggles to reach students and fulfill its role in the community. We will revamp the YCC social media and publicize in person events. Right now, the instagram is too focused on updates. We want to highlight personal stories and promote school spirit by covering community events.


Half of students on campus have no idea what YCC does, outside of bringing Pusha T to campus. Fizz should not be the main source of info about YCC activities. Our team will lead the student body from among them, not from a far away board room. We are run by students for students.


Our team believes that the fundamental role of YCC is to leverage its connections within the administration to advocate for students. Past efforts have been insufficient with no representation for athletes and other neglected groups. Through our expanded executive board, we will advocate for clubs and teams that were previously overlooked.


The One Yale team is built around one singular objective: Make Yale for You. We love Yale. A vibrant arts community, diverse people from all over the world, a plethora of clubs for all interests, some of the top athletic teams in the country. Everyone comes to Yale for a different reason, but everyone loves it because of the people. We believe that every Yalie is an essential member of the community and will fight to support all of our incredible students to achieve their goals across all their interests. 

Our vision as YCC leadership is to make Yale a place that can meet every type of student where they are at in order to support an increasingly diverse student population. We value maintaining an open-line of communication between the administration and the student body, and removing barriers that currently inhibit equal access to opportunity amongst the student body. Together with our team, we will increase the YCC’s on-campus visibility and advocate for initiatives that will help Make Yale for YOU.



12% of Yale students are recruited athletes


58% of student athletes do not feel supported by the YCC


0 YCC Eboard or Senate Members are recruited athletes


Only 5% of student athletes feel supported by the YCC
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